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Redefining the agency/client relationship.

Do you need a marketing partner but don’t think you have the budget? Unagency is changing everything. Unagency is a full-service advertising and digital marketing agency with a twist. With our model of transparency and training, we help you take control of your marketing efforts. Transform your existing resources into a high-functioning marketing department by combining 4 key components: philosophy, training, easy-to-use tools and ongoing support.

Get a customized training session with each support bundle.

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    You start with a single class. We teach you best practices and framework to make smarter decisions about your marketing.


    Knowing WHAT to do starts with knowing WHY you do it. The right philosophy can eliminate a lot of hassle and headache.


    Don’t pay for someone else to do what you could easily take on. The right tools make marketing your business easy.


    Do-it-yourself does not mean go it alone. We provide support to take on the things you’d rather not. We’re here for you if you get stuck.

    A true partner. And a guide.

    A great marketing process takes a great team. There is true value in what an agency can give: creative insight, creative inspiration, creative ideas, solid implementation and integration. And when you’re participating in the process, you minimize your risk and increase your efficiency. You are empowered to decide what you can do and what you want help with. You know when you’re not getting value and you have the resources to act accordingly.

    What is Unagency?

    We are advertising executives passionate about collaborating, educating and putting marketing back into the hands of organizations. Take control of your marketing by leveraging the resources already at your disposal:


    It begins and ends with you. We empower you to take control of your marketing so you can lead the way.

    Your staff

    Bring your key staff along with you. You’ll need them to help define your strategy and do some heavy lifting.

    Your fans

    Your customers, volunteers and fans are an untapped resource. Interactive and social marketing done properly can mobilize your community to spread the word.

    Your (un)agency

    Regardless of what you know, we all still need help along the way. As your agency, we’ll be here to help you navigate and continue learning.

    How It Works

    You may be wondering how all of this is possible. After all, agencies do some really great work. Valuable work. So, there definitely isn’t anything wrong if you need to hire one. But Unagency offers a new way that helps make sure you’re on the right path – whatever that path may be.

    It starts with a class.
    Why? We can’t be effective for you if you we’re not starting from the same vantage point. Having a mutual understanding for why and how things work the way they do goes a long way in creating a sustainable strategic marketing process and plan.

    We won’t just teach you WHAT.
    We’ll teach you why.
    We’ll teach you why you need to know what we’re telling you.
    We’ll teach you how to do it all yourself. 100%.

    We’re here when you need us.
    There is a lot here. A lot to know. A lot to do. A lot to manage. We all need help. We all need the true value of what an ad agency can give: creative insight, creative inspiration, creative ideas, implementation and integration. When you’re participating in the process, you decide what you feel comfortable taking on and what you want to pass along. Bottom line – you’ll know the difference and how to make that choice!

    Relating to your needs
    The most empowering part of our process is learning what to ask for and what to expect. Building a team that “gets you” and can be activated anytime during the process gives you a lot of flexibility to meet deadlines and budgets by being their when you need us. This relationship is what makes our support different. It’s not about giving orders, but having resources that work in unison with you.

    Don’t learn lessons the hard way.
    There are a lot of ways to learn. Usually people learn the best by doing. Failure is a great teacher. But it also comes with consequence. Success is an even better teacher. Failure teaches you what NOT to do. Success paves the way for more success. Education starts with a calls. The real learning happens afterwards.

    1. Learn what you can do yourself and what you should leave to the experts. And know how to critique them.
    2. Learn by doing. And redoing. And testing.
    3. Learn with a guide showing you the way. The whole way there.
    4. Learn as you go. When you start, the answers unfold. Being agile will give you answers.