Design Thinking and the New Strategy

How is Strategy like a Reservation

Does strategy hold any water? Every agency out there claims they’re not simply a creative boutique shop, but a solutions company. Strategy has become a commodity and there is no shortage of dialog on this topic online. But what a lot of strategy lacks is creativity and consistency.

Design thinking is not an uncommon term any longer either – it’s design concepts and principals applied to business practices. It brings innovation into an organization from many different perspectives. At OSIGN, we not only engage the crowd to help provide innovative ideas to your business, we bring proven collaboration methods with us that allow you to engage your internal staff in continued innovative solutions.

Beyond creativity, strategy also needs consistency.  Through our years of experience in the ad world, we’ve been around countless executives and creatives that were also tagged as strategists. But what the strategy bought were some interesting ideas without any accountability. These strategies would live in a document somewhere at the onset of a project or campaign, but when ideas came, they were accepted or rejected without any consideration to the strategy. A strategic plan from a creative point of view is a filter. It helps to judge ideas and shape them in a way that provides consistency across all creative channels and executions. For a creative strategy to have any real value, you need someone that can “hold” the strategy throughout the process.


Designing a Strategy


Developing Tactics (Filtering Ideas)


Engaging Your Staff


Engaging Your Customer


Discovering You




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