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The Importance of Having the Right Interactive Marketing Philosophies - Unagency

Have you ever had a conversation with someone where you just couldn’t communicate what was in your head or your heart? It’s frustrating. It feels like a lot of work and you’d simply rather avoid interacting with people that just aren’t on the same page as you. Maybe it’s you. Maybe it’s them. But one way or another, you’re just a little off. There is a gap between what you’re trying to say and what someone else is hearing. If you think it’s them, you’ll say, “That person just doesn’t get it.” Or if it’s the message you’ll say, “We’re just operating on a different wavelength.” This is what it’s like when you don’t have the right interactive marketing philosophies.

Understanding is better than knowledge

You operate from a philosophy whether it’s intentional or not. Philosophy helps get you into a frame of mind that brings everything together. The right philosophy towards SEO or Social Media or Web Design or Mobile Marketing can turn all that hard work into something easier and enjoyable. It can simplify some of the most complex concepts. There is something special about “getting it.” That “aha moment” when something just clicks.

It’s like you’re in the Matrix, you took the Red Pill and you’re finally starting to see the world as it is. You see the rules as an infrastructure for creativity, not an arbitrary list of standards that you need to rigorously follow for no reason. “Getting it” gives the rules meaning and purpose.

Unagency is not a class. It’s a new way to hire an agency partner.

A traditional class environment is not built to have you walk away and get started. Because the purpose is to teach you the rules, the trends, the strategies, the tactics and little tricks without getting to the heart of the reason behind it all. unAgency is built around this idea of “getting it”. If you truly understand WHY something is the way it is, you have a pallet to work with that’s a lot more efficient and fun than memorizing a bunch of rules. It’s more sustainable and empowering than being handed a bunch of trendy advice. It stays with you and gives you a foundation to build something great.

Of course, Unagency is not a class. It’s a partnership that puts you in the driver’s seat. Training. Philosophy. Tools. Support.

Getting It

When it clicks, yeah. It’s kinda like that.

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